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Convinced? Podcast

May 27, 2018

It's time for episode 11, and Marie talks about Jean-Claude Romand who is basically Elsa before she went all ice happy. His life was all a big lie, and he turned the romantic comedy genre into the horror movie genre. Hopefully you enjoy being creeped out like we were!

Will you be convince?

(Also can people please stop...

May 14, 2018

This week, Chris talks about a guy who might have been a 40 year old underground rapper in Texas and who totally had something to do with the assassination of JFK. Marie is 100% convinced, and would not be caught dead buying his rap album. 

Will you be convinced?

Apr 29, 2018

This week Marie tells us about an amazing woman named Rose Valland, who was basically Wonder Woman without the superpowers. She helped rebuild a nation and saved thousands of art pieces that had been taken and claimed by the Nazis. You know, the usual things that women do. Chris also mumbles something about Vegas and is...

Apr 15, 2018

This week Chris tells the story of Robert Hansen, a murder with a passion for baking, just like Marie! (The baking part, not the murder part). Chris has some interesting advertisement ideas for the podcast, and gives some good travel tips for places to stay while in Alaska. Will you be convinced?

Apr 1, 2018

It's episode 7 and this time Marie has a great story about the Rockhampton Rapist, and the Female Harry Potter aka Natasha Ryan. Listen to Marie try to not swear about the unfairness of life for all her single friends, and Chris gets loud while yelling about the gross rapist and how he decides to represent himself in...