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Convinced? Podcast

Mar 3, 2019

Welcome back to Convinced! This week, Marie tells us the story of Ruth Blaue and a murder that took the police almost 15 years to solve (our math might be a bit off on that). Chris rants about pizza and describes what she ate IN DETAIL, so be prepared to get hungry. Will you be convinced?

Feb 11, 2019

Welcome back to episode 18! This week we talk about our not so secret love of Starbucks, and Chris throws a ton of dates at us that she does not expect you to follow! AKA Chris gives us the history of Starbucks.

P.S. We recorded this episode BEFORE Howard Schultz pulled his stupid shitty stunt.

P.S.S. Marie loses hahaha...

Jan 27, 2019

Me love Cookie, but me no steal the Golden Cookie! Me talk about when it was stolen though! (But for real, this week Marie talks about that time a giant cookie statue in Germany was stolen by the "Cookie Monster", and Chris just says "Oh my god" a lot. It's great and delicious (pun provided by Marie)).

Jul 30, 2018

This week, Marie tells us a history story about Baron von Setuben, who was a Baron (duh) in the 18th century and who ended up adopting his lovers. Chris has some question regarding gay sex and the use of lube during this time so strap in and prepare to put your head in your hands over her weird question! 

Will you be...

Jul 9, 2018

Welcome back, pull up a chair, and relax! Well, relax as much as you can when learning about true crime and serial killers. This week we talk about the Green River Killer, and how Marie has most recently broken Amazon's algorithm. We also talk about politics and learn some "fun" facts about Washington State! Will you...